How to Keep Birds Out of Hanging Flower Pots

How to Keep Birds Out of Hanging Flower Pots
Gracie Owens
Gracie Owens she/her - Author at YardPrep October 01, 2023

Are you tired of birds nesting in your hanging flower pots and causing damage to your plants? If so, you're not alone. Many people struggle with this problem, but there are ways to prevent it. In this article, we'll discuss how to keep birds out of hanging flower pots.

How to Keep Birds Out of Hanging Flower Pots

To keep birds out of hanging flower pots, try using bird netting, placing shiny objects around the pots, using fake predators like owls or snakes, or using bird repellent sprays. Alternatively, you can try planting bird-friendly plants away from your hanging pots to distract them.

Understanding the Problem

Why do birds nest in hanging flower pots?

Birds are attracted to hanging flower pots because they provide a safe and secure place to build their nests. They are also attracted to the plants and soil in the pots, which they use for nesting material.

What are the problems caused by birds nesting in hanging flower pots?

While birds may seem harmless, their nesting habits can cause damage to your plants. They can also create a mess with their droppings, which can be unsightly and difficult to clean up.

Preventive Measures

Physical barriers

One way to prevent birds from nesting in your hanging flower pots is to use physical barriers. This can include wire mesh or netting that covers the pot and prevents birds from accessing it.

Visual and auditory deterrents

Another way to deter birds is to use visual and auditory deterrents. Reflective objects, such as CDs or mirrors, can be hung near the pots to scare birds away. Wind chimes or other noise-making devices can also be effective.

Chemical repellents

Finally, there are chemical repellents that can be used to keep birds away. These include bird repellent sprays and gels that can be applied to the pots or surrounding areas.

Maintaining Bird-Free Hanging Flower Pots

Regular cleaning and maintenance

Once you've taken steps to keep birds out of your hanging flower pots, it's important to maintain them to ensure that birds don't return. This includes removing any nesting material and cleaning up bird droppings on a regular basis.

Replacing damaged plants and pots

It's also important to replace any damaged plants or pots, as these can attract birds due to decay or damage.


In conclusion, keeping birds out of hanging flower pots is important to protect your plants and maintain a clean and attractive outdoor space. By using physical barriers, visual and auditory deterrents, and chemical repellents, you can prevent birds from nesting in your pots. Regular cleaning and maintenance, as well as replacing damaged plants and pots, can help ensure that birds don't return. So take action today to keep your hanging flower pots bird-free!